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Thread: Possible to program Baefeng with Motorola MURS???

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    Default Possible to program Baefeng with Motorola MURS???

    Hello Everyone. I am new to HAM radios and just received my technical license yesterday. I run a business that uses Motorola RMM2050 VHF MURS radios for communication on site with multiple sites using the same radios. I wanted to find out if its possible to program my Baofeng UV82 radio to work with the Motorola radios since I will be carrying my Baofeng in the car with me on a day to day basis. I would really appreciate any help anyone can offer. Since I am new, I am still trying to figure out the world of HAM but am excited to learn. Thanks!!!

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    It's probably physically possible to program MURS frequencies into your Baofeng, but you're getting into legality issues. The FCC regulations prohibit the use of non-type certified radios on radio services such as FRS, GMRS and MURS. It is very likely your Baofeng does not carry the necessary certification to be used on MURS. It's not something I would recommend.

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