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    Has anyone used the nanoVNA's being sold on amazon? I know there is a large variation of essentially the same device. Some have cases, some have RF shielding, some have more accessories... What Im more interested in is if anyone has used one of these (preferably the shielded variety) and if so how accurate was it? Are they worth the $72 currently being asked? I have the rigexpert aa-170, but I want to expand into UHF capabilities.

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    We have a $60,000 dollar VNA at work, and I have a nano as well. There is no comparison to the capabilities, but the nano is within a few points of accuracy of our R&S. Well worth the $72 asking price for Ham use.

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    I ordered the nanoVNA-F for $126. One issue is that it said it ships from the usa. The tracking said its shipping with DHL but the tracking number is not recognized by the DHL website. The tracking number starts with a 9 so i looked it up on USPS. The number registered but said they have yet to receive the package.

    Unfortunately, when something says it ships from the USA, that actually means it ships from the USA once it gets here from China. This seems to be a common trend lately and I am becoming more and more disappointed with amazon and ebay for allowing this deception to go unchecked.

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