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Thread: QQ regarding antenna mount in metal box

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    Default QQ regarding antenna mount in metal box

    Hi HRF,

    I have a small project using an arduino that is monitoring UHF 432Mhz for DTMF tones. When it gets a correct set of tones it turns on a light, waits for channel clear, and then transmits/responds with my call sign (in Morse code) to confirm. This all works great.

    The project is going in a metal utility box on a pole deep in the mojave desert. The working range only needs to be a half mile, so wattage is low.

    To mount the antenna on the outside of the box I'm looking at a few options. 1) just use a car mount ground plane magnetic antenna and run the coax back into the box with other wires or 2) drill a small hole in the box and put an SMA bulkhead connector (like a female-to-female connector). option 2 is my preferred approach, but I'm not sure how expanding the ground using a metal SMA bulkhead on a big metal box will change my antenna performance. I know if I just extend the antenna using a 2' SMA extension I don't lose much performance, but do I need a different antenna designed for a larger ground plane? I thought about insulating the SMA bulkhead from the metal box, but that gets complicated.

    I appreciate any thoughts or advice.


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    Some 2/70 mobile antenna are available with an "N" connector, the chassis type sockets are usually pretty well sealed and easy to mount.
    If the wind load isn't too crazy, you could mount the antenna straight onto the control box and do away with coax.

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    Having extra ground plane provided by the large metal box will be fine. Great idea by the way.

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