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Thread: FT60R - Using the mic as a MIC only???

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    Default FT60R - Using the mic as a MIC only???

    Hey folks,

    New technician here, and trying to get the hang of things. Loving the much in fact, I take it with my to work all day! I drive a cement truck, and usually have my FT60R monitoring or scanning most of the day, although I hardly transmit...yet. (Still soaking in repeater etiquette and whatnot.)

    I've come to the conclusion that the only way to really enjoy talking while working would be to use the external microphone, as the radio is clipped to the visor on my Peterbilt, and clumsy to take on and off all day just to key up (plus I'm running external power from the cig lighter).

    I was wondering if you could use the HT speaker for RX while still being able to transmit from the microphone? The speaker in the mic is a little too quiet to hear in the cab, even at idle.

    (I already tried doing a search, but still getting used to this site and came up empty-handed.) Any help would be appreciated. Thanks guys!


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    Unlikely... Anything you plug into the radio, even if the speaker connections weren't present, is still going to disable the internal speaker.

    Can you wear a headset? Some states will allow the use of a single-sided headset (California is one.) Heil makes a very nice HT headset in three different HT pinouts (Kenwood, iCom and Yaesu) that comes in both a single and double sided configuration. The single side on can be worn over either ear.

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