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Thread: Laying the Baofeng to rest.

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    Default Laying the Baofeng to rest.


    I'm newly licenced as a technician as of the 30th of last year (Dec '19). Haven't keyed up more than once or twice yet, as I'm still a little gunshy. (Funny, because all I wanted to do when I wasn't licensed was to talk nonstop.)

    I've owned a UV-5R forever, and it's a great little radio (for what it is). Finally upgraded to the FT-60R, and wow! What a difference! I almost cringe everytime I pick up the little Chinese wonder. The only time I could bear to use it was when the Yaesu battery died, and I had no choice (haha)!

    Anyway, loving the new radio, and radios in general - looking forward to learning a lot and spending more money than I should on new equipment!

    Fullerton, CA.

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    Why lay it to rest? Why not keep it as a spare? Like in a backpack or car glovebox.

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    Ok, bad phrasing I suppose. What I could have said was, "it's going into my 'radio' bag for safe keeping." It was my first radio years ago, and was my gateway into the hobby. It's still a great radio, and I'll probably never get rid of it. But it's a Toyota Corolla radio compared to the FT-60 (which is probably like a Ford F-150).

    I actually recently purchased two more Baofengs (used) for cheap to have as backup radios, and I'm trying to ease my dad and brother into the hobby with them. How could you argue with a free radio, after all?

    But when the Baofeng can hardly scan through its maximum 127 channels as fast as the F-150 can blaze through 700, its hard to justify bringing it out (unless the FT60's batteries are dead).

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