Hi Everyone

I would like to invite you along to my amateur radio net witch I do each week on the radio it so much fun

All stations are well here below is the information for my net


Net Control: Thomas - ZL3TOM

Local time: 1900/7pm NZ every Monday
0100-0300 EST Monday
(0600-0800 UTC Monday)

Connection Details to net as Follows

EchoLink : Aotearoa Echolink Conference 256883 (Main Conference Server)

Echolink : Ham Conference 69556 (in conference to Aotearoa)

Echolink : DX LINK 356937 (in Conference to Aotearoa)

IRLP : 9556 Ham conference to Aotearoa

​AllStar : ZL4NORM - 48820 connected to Ham Conference

AllStar: K2HZE - 41603 , 41604 , 41605 , 41606 , 41607

DMR TG 31777

YSF Reflector 11102 or name DX-Link System

P25 & NXDN Reflector 31777

​Everyone is welcome young and experienced amateur operators
Your more then welcome to connect your repeaters or link to the net*

*Just let me know if you want to connect a link

Net resumes Monday 13th of January for 2020