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    Hi all
    new to the forums

    I have been trying to find an dual band car antenna and base (non magnetic) to suit 136-174MHz & 400-480MHz ranges

    I have managed to find several that cover this range but they are all magnetic base or SMA couplings.

    I am specifically looking for one that covers these ranges but is PL259 coupling so it can be fitted to any standard fender or gutter mount for the car.

    Any suggestions are welcome


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    Your search may be hampered by the fact that, antennas are often specified as having a "UHF mount". For example, this one from DX Engineering:

    The page below explains the difference between UHF, PL-259, and SO-239 connectors. So a UHF-Male (or UHF Plug) is THE SAME as PL-259.
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    I think the bigger challenge will be finding one with that crazy of bandwidth. Its one thing to use it for RX, but if you intend to transmit on that wide a range of frequencies in both bands (skipping the legal rant), you will not find one. They are commonly sold to cover the 2m and 70cm bands, and although transmitting outside those bands will not do your radio any favors, they should still RX outside the legal bands just fine.

    A quick search on ebay for "dual band NMO" resulted in many antenna options that will likely interest you. NMO mounts (a motorola creation) are by far the best option for permanent installs. They are through-hole waterproof mounts and mounting brackets for those not interested in drilling holes in their roof are readily found online. They come with both SMA connectors and UHF (PL-259), so just pick the one with the correct cable.

    EDIT: try this antenna
    and this cable
    and this bracket
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