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Thread: Kenwood TS850S S meter problem

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    Default Kenwood TS850S S meter problem

    The S meter on my TS850S was intermittent and now it is dead. I have the service manual but is not very helpful. I am sure there is a bad connection but not sure where to start looking. Any help will be appreciated.
    Thanks for reading. 73, Jack

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    That radio (upon a few searches) seems to have a history of display problems. It looks like the common culprit among these display problems are bad electrolytic capacitors and burnt (or sometimes corroded) traces. I also noticed mention of the schematic not showing all the components involved in the display circuitry making troubleshooting difficult (i suspect by greedy design). If you are equipped to do so, I would start by checking the electrolytic capacitors for high ESR or shorts and carefully inspecting the display traces for damage via continuity test.
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