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Thread: TX and RX at VHF using ICOM 9100 and TNC Kantronics 9612+

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    Unhappy TX and RX at VHF using ICOM 9100 and TNC Kantronics 9612+

    Dear All,

    I'm kinda new to this. I want to communicate with another radio station.

    The radio station that I want to communicate with using the following setup:
    Data Protocol: AX.25
    Data Rate: 9600bps
    Modulation: FSK with G3RUH scrambling
    Band: VHF
    Fre: MHz

    Below is the diagram for my setup:

    [IMG]<img src="" alt="Capture" border="0">[/IMG]

    Anybody can suggest what are the setting for the TNC and ICOM9100 in order to make it work.

    I can confirm i have established the communication between the computer and the TNC using port 2 at 9600 baud rate.

    what is the mode used for the ICOM9100? Do I use RTTY or just the FM?

    I think i stuck either this two TNC and ICOM9100

    Appreciate if you could help me!

    Happy new year!
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    Use FM for packet, unless you're on (USB) H.F. at 300 Baud.

    For 9600 Baud you need to use a discriminator output, into the TNC.

    Pin 12 on your ACC socket round the back of the radio will do this, you can use an Earth from here on pin 2 as well.

    Once you have it transmitting data, you may need to fiddle with the various settings to get the KPC running quickly/smoothly.
    The default settings on the KPC "should" work, but they're really only a starting point, especially if you're not on a shared channel.

    [edit] not sure where you are in the world - check if you can use 9600Baud on VHF...
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