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Thread: New Member - First Post: installed mobile icom 2730a, led pods causing interference.

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    Default New Member - First Post: installed mobile icom 2730a, led pods causing interference.


    All excited I finally get my radio installed. Keyed up, radio checked with the local repeater, turn on led cube lights on my jeep, full interference, cannot hear anything from the radio. Anything I can do? Or just not use the radio while using the pods.

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    Changing the power supply to the LED's is the solution. Try using a Voltage Regulator instead of a Switch Mode type supply.

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    While the FCC has mandated that no manufacturer shall make LED light that cause interference. However, many manufacturers still do. RFI from LED lights is pretty common, even in the home. Just do a google search on "led lights radio interference" and you will get lots of information.

    One option is to find replacement bulbs, by another manufacturer, that do not cause interference, and than replace all the bulbs. But that can get pretty expensive.

    There are filters that you can purchase, like , that can help. While this one is meant for LED headlights, it can probably work for the cube lights in your Jeep.

    That same web site has clip-on ferrite cores to use in RFI suppression. You can get 20 clip-on cores for about $12. It's well worth the money.

    Of course, your last choice is to turn them off, when you want to use the radio.
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    I just ordered the ferrite chokes to see if these will help. Thanks again.

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