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Thread: New HAM Mobile Radio Owner- I don't Understand How to Use it.

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    Default New HAM Mobile Radio Owner- I don't Understand How to Use it.

    I recently purchased an Anytone 778UV (AT778UV) for my Offroader from Amazon after being stuck in a life threatening emergency situation 200+ miles into the wilderness.

    I was stuck off a remote Forest Service Road that is almost never used.

    Forest Rangers visit the area maybe once every 3-6 months. Even if they did when I was stuck - it was highly unlikely they would've been near the road I was on. It was an "off-roader" road. The temperature plumetted to -9 at nights. I ran out of food and water. I could not hike out 100+ miles. It was an impossible hike through unforgiving rocky hilly twisty terrain. The forest made visibility low. Even 10 miles of hiking would've been hell. I had a hurt foot to boot and was exhausted from trying to free the truck. There is a line from a movie called "The Edge" where Anthony Hopkins said that most people lost in the wilderness "die of shame". I know what he was talking about.

    It was only by pure luck and God's grace I was saved when 2 guys came along by sheer luck and helped me. I was all alone and my CB Radio was useless. The flare I shot at the helicopter place or whatever it was at night - was equally useless.

    Now all that's out of the way: I vowed to purchase a HAM radios (and a winch) the second I got out of that mess. I don't have an FCC license yet but am going back out again soon (ya I know).

    How do I use this thing for emergencies or contacting another person for an emergency? I tried to set it up as a repeater off you tube (is that different than transmitting?) but I'm getting a ERROR message in red on F2. I am not even sure if it's transmitting. I see the bars lighting up but that's it. Occasionally I here a blip. I hit scan and there was a few channels with bars lighting up. I downloaded the software and it will not write the bands to the HAM.

    My time is really limited. You tube videos and the FCC test exam make this look really overly complicated and time consuming. Surely this cannot be so difficult to use. The CB radio was self explanatory. I paid a guy $200 to "tweak and peak" it and tune the Firestick and it was ready to go. So the CB is working perfectly but as I found out - it was useless out in the middle of nowhere. I was under the impression a "window" would open up because I got communications on the CB from CA when I was in FL. But that's not what happened.

    Can anyone tell me how to use this thing?

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    First of all, you need a callsign - contact your local club to arrange a course & examination.

    Secondly, if you're in a valley, surrounded by trees, in the middle of nowhere, no type of radio is going to be much help, C.B. or amateur, unless they are very close.

    Thirdly, get some pulleys for your winch, don't rely on the pulling power of the winch alone (you don't even need a winch if you have enough pulleys)...

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    In the long run, you'd be better served by a Personal Locator Beacon (PLB) which you would activate in the event of a situation such as you described. The other thing is to never go out alone. You should always have someone else in another vehicle along.

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