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Thread: TS-440s problem

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    Question TS-440s problem

    l1987 TS-440s
    Suddenly if I up frequency past 15 meters my display blinks and goes off and I don’t have any audio. Any idea what the problem might be. I have done a “reset”, didn’t help.

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    First thing that comes to mind is the Voltage coming into the radio, is it stable?

    A few seconds later I think this may be something more in-depth inside the radio...

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    Sounds like one of the voltage regulating chips that changes/determines bands has failed. About all you can do now is look for a "dinner" board/chip/radio.

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    I know nothing about the ts440, but if its anything like my ts130s, well....

    My ts-130s was modified by the original owner to go on 11m. The mod involved toggling the levels on the PLL divider. What happens when the mod is being used is that upon approaching the limits of the PLL, it falls out of lock and shuts down. My display blinks if near the edge and shuts off completely (along with audio obviously) if the VFO is rolled any further. In fact, when my mod switch is activated, the 18, 28 and 28.5 positions dont work at all regardless of VFO position. Radio functions proper when the mod switch is disengaged.

    Is your radio modded?
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