I'm pretty new to ham radio, so please excuse my naivety.

I have an icom 2720 in my car, and I have a baofeng UV-82wp. I decided to try and get a little creative and test out crossband repeat.

I'm not sure if I chose a good test frequency to try out though.... I wanted to test it in my own before trying to reach out to anyone else.

The only other radio I have working at the moment is a pair of Motorola FRS walkie talkies. My plan was to try and set up the baofeng to transmit through the 2720, and pick it up on the Motorola.

My first step was to set all three radios to the same FRS frequency, and set the 2720 and Baofeng to frequency mode, and see if I could get each radio to transmit to each other simplex.

I tried a few different FRS frequencies with the same results:

Baofeng tx - 2720 rx good, Motorola rx good
Motorola tx - 2720 rx good, Baofeng rx good
2720 tx - did not work. The display of the 2720 says "OFF" whenever I press the PTT on any FRS frequency i try. I tried setting tx power to medium and low, with same results.

Anyone know why it would do this? I was wondering if perhaps the 2720 knows the FRS/GMRS frequencies and won't allow it to tx because its overpowered for those frequencies?

Any help for a newbie is much appreciated.

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