I'm new to ham radio and am in the process of studying to take my Technician & General exams simultaneously over in the next few months.

Can anyone familiar with the Yaesu FT-891, Yaesu FTM-400XDR (or perhaps the FTM-100DR) AND Yaesu FT-991A shed some light on the pro's and con's of owning either the first two as a pair versus the latter as a stand alone?

I'm primarily looking for a portable solution (and not necessarily a true mobile or base station only rig). If it helps, my priority is to have an HF, VHF/UHF, & C4FM FDMA solution that is first and foremost portable since I am HOA-limited (followed by the desire for an adequate base station, then possibly a mobile option down the road). In other words, while a true mobile rig would be nice, it's not as important as being portable and serving as a base station at home (though DXing will be limited by HOA restraints).

Are there any performance issues regarding the filters of the FT-891 vs the FT991A, for example? Are there benefits to having separate units scanning using the FT-891 & FTM 400 (or 100) versus the FT-991A?

Obviously, the FT-991A might not be as convenient for mobile use, but again, that's not a high priority for me (and workable in a pinch as I understand it if I changed my mind).