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Thread: Ten Tec Scout 555 documentation error(s)

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    Default Ten Tec Scout 555 documentation error(s)

    Ten Tec Scout 555

    One of several documentation errors found within the Service Manual of Ten Tecs' Scout

    1) The 50 Watt P.A. S/A schematic page denotes Q3 as p/n MJE 370. Wrong, it is actually p/n MJE 521.

    2) Ten Tec added a 6 wound 22 guage wire Toroid across the Final Amplifiers Output Load Transformer Primary to "+ 13 v " supply wire. I have operated Radio Fine, with this Toroid temporarily removed.
    This Toroid addition is not denoted on the schematic.

    3) Service Manual contains 0 disassembly instructions.
    4) Service Manual has No Physical Component Location Diagrams.
    It appears that the Mechanical Engineering Department was not involved in the publishing of this Service Manual.

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