As you may have guessed, this is KM6WKA, James Butler, hailing from the Los Angeles, California USA area. I'm a Technician-class HAM, operating a Yaesu FT70-DR HT with its original "rubber ducky" antenna, a Diamond SRH77CA and, in my vehicle, a mag-mounted Browning BR-180 with a pigtail adapter.

My initial interest in HAM came from the rather frequent emergency situations in which we find ourselves (wildfires, flash floods, earthquakes), and my desire to keep my family safe and in communication with the world, no matter what Nature throws at us.

A couple of my significant interests, during my career, have been good communication and community service, which led me to become involved with HAM, CERT and other groups. I'm a proud, active member of ARES LAX (Amateur Radio Emergency Services - Los Angeles), for example.

I joined this forum to learn from more experienced HAMs (I've been licensed for 2 years), and because I'd like to figure out some of the challenges my work with ARES brings.

Thanks for the add, and I look forward to engaging with you. 73