Hi, My name is Paul call sign, WV8PFW. I am a fairly new amatuer radio operator and have a technicians license. I joined this forum to share in the learning about our hobby. I am retired and other hobbies include camping and traveling. I intend to test for General some time in the spring. For now, I am interested in learning everything I possibly can about the radio I purchased, a Yaesu FTM3200dr. I am not very experienced with the forum sights, I belong to one other which is dedicated to 5th wheel campers. I have learned on the forums that many questions have already been asked and you just need to know where to look for them. Then if you have unanswered questions, you can sort of jump in to a string that has already started. With that said, perhaps someone can direct me in the right direction for a question. I am getting ready to travel out of town for a while, and would like to reach the c4fm repeater operated by my radio Club while I am in Florida. Is there a string that will direct me of how I can transmit from Florida into the Wires-X and access my clubs repeater (WV8HC) back home? Thanks in advance, I look foreward to meaningful discussions on this forum.... Paul