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    Smile Help neeeded for book

    Hi All,

    I'm a writer currently working on a novel that uses HAM radio as part of the plot and I have a very specific question that I'm hoping someone in the community may be kind enough to answer. I am clueless about HAM radio, which is why I am here, and I apologise in advance for my ignorance.

    Is there a consumer device out there that one can set to automatically 'record' or monitor a dormant freqency if it comes into use? Let's say, hypothetically, there's a frequecy that no one broadcasts on, but I wanted to moniter that frequency and receive an alert (a buzzer, alarm, flashing light, whatever) so that if a signal is used one day, I know about it?

    Is there any equipment from the 70's, 80's or 90's that did something like that?

    I hope that makes sense and I'm grateful for an insight anyone can provide.

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    You could program a simple scanner to sweep between two frequencies and record the output, modify that output to interface with whatever, yes.

    Software Defined Radio can also do this, with a USB stick, like FunCube or RTL-SDR.

    SDR's are cheap now, you can get simple ones on eBay for under $15...

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