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    Default Antenna Recommendation

    Good afternoon!
    I am looking for advice as to what antenna to purchase. I am new to ham radio, I am not currently licensed, I will be taking my test to get my technician's license in a little under a month. I have an ICOM IC-2000 on the way, and I am wanting to go ahead and get it set up to listen, and to transmit once I am licensed. I would like some recommendations for both an antenna to mount on my truck to use the radio as a mobile rig, as well as a recommendation for an outdoor antenna for my house. I want to get a quality antenna that won't damage my radio when transmitting. I realize that quality doesn't come without cost, but what I am looking for are recommendations for reasonably priced antennas that will give acceptable performance. Any advice is greatly appreciated!

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    Default First, decide how you want to mount it

    Mag mount, lip clamp type, direct to body NMO (requires drilling large hole), thru glass antenna, other type? Once you decide how you want to attach it, you can shop for the exact antenna you want. My advice is to get it as high on the body as possible, permanently mounted, with a good clear coax run to your radio. If you run a direct power line to your battery, and have a good ground connection at the antenna, you will be fine. Flip through the pages of a recent QST and decide who gets your money. Comet or Diamond make good VHF/UHF antenna systems, as do all the other folks that advertise in QST. Be sure to use good quality RG58 coax as well.

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    I put an ICOM 2300H in my truck a couple months ago when I git my ticket back after a 50 year "break!" I put an MFJ 1402 shorty antenna on the roof of my truck and it works great! On the base I am using a homebrew vertical dipole outlined in a post a couple down from this one. I could hit a repeater about 15 miles away with my 5 W Chinese HT attacked to it and with the Vertex VX-4000 I am using as a base station I have no problem hitting repeaters30 miles away. This is with the antenna currently about 10' off the ground.

    Justin B.

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