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Thread: TS 480 HX buzzes when I tx

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    Default TS 480 HX buzzes when I tx

    hello, I was wondering if anyone has had this problem with the ts 480hx.. I am using a Heil headset and I have it plugged in my radio and the headset is plugged into the headphone plug on the radio. My problem is when I TX there is a buzzing sound coming from the radio. It sounds like a cracked speaker. I bought this radio Brand new a year ago last August so of course it is out of warranty. It doesn't seem to affect the way the radio works, it just drives me nuts.Thanks osfp40

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    What are you powering it with? it could be a power supply issue if you're driving it too hard...

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    Sounds like maybe a feedback related artifact. Check swr, maybe common mode pollution on the coax... are you under the antenna any appreciable percentage?

    Does it do that only with the Heil headset? Need to narrow down the possibilities here...

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