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Thread: Why would a handheld receive better than mobile or base station?

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    Default Why would a handheld receive better than mobile or base station?

    This is about a VHF system used by a volunteer fire department.

    By day I'm a computer guy, so apologies in advance if I get any of the lingo wrong.

    Our station is in an island community, and about 9 miles away from county dispatch. We are not the town's main station. There is not a whole lot of topography, and sometimes the radios work just fine. Sometimes they don't.

    Each Sunday, dispatch conducts a radio check of all police, fire, and EMS units. This past Sunday, only the handheld received anything at all during the radio check.

    We have a base station with an antenna on the roof, a mobile in the fire truck which was parked outside the building at the time, a mobile in the utility truck which was off at the time, and that handheld.

    Today, there was an alarm call. The utility truck was no more than 1/4 mile down the road when the responder radioed into dispatch, successfully. The base station picked him up, but not dispatch.

    As I said I'm not a radio expert, but I was pretty stunned that the mobile worked better than the base.

    Getting any paid help would be unlikely. I'm all we've got. What should I be looking for?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Most likely water in the coaxial cable, it's not repairable. Change the coax and make sure the new one is properly sealed with self-amalgamating tape at the antenna end...

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    Also, check the squelches on all three radios. They should be set so that even a weak signal opens the receiver.


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    Is there a CTCSSish issue here? Maybe someone monkeyed with a programming preset on accident.

    I would be getting all over that problem if it were me & my station.

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