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    Hi Everyone, im very new to ham and looking to build my first antenna and trying to figure out what i need for tuning. Im thinking to get a NanoVNA as its $50 (so why not) and it looks like it gives all kinds of details like SWR, resistance, reactance, ect. My question is what else should i have for testing / tuning? I was looking an Antenna analyzers before the nano such as the MFJ 269C but i dont see what that would give me over the Nano other than a 2nd opinion. I was thinking an inline SWR meter MIGHT be nice to have around as i understand in higher power situations the SWR can go up if the antenna is too close to say a metal roof.
    Thoughts? feedback? something im clearly missing? Is this already covered somewhere that i missed?

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    Hi Tim,

    The proof of the pudding is in the eating!

    Just cut your antenna to size, use it and see how it works. You may then get into antenna analysers, SWR meters etc. and learn as you go along.

    Good luck!



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    You are on the right track. I haven't used a Nano yet but they are on my radar. Testing and tuning with a decent instrument will teach you more about antenna theory and what works versus what does not more than any book. I'm lucky that my job has anything I could want to test antennae.
    As Hams, we are trusted by the FCC to design our equipment to operate within specified parameters and our reward is an efficient piece of gear that works as it should. I commend you for wanting to do just that,

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    the nano vna meter is a great little tool but there is a bit of a learning curve with it.
    I highly suggest downloading the users manual for it.
    the biggest benefit that i see with it is it covers such a wide frequency rang that it can handle all your needs.
    the downside is that you have to get a lot of adapters for all the different radios that you may encounter with ham radio and cb.
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