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    I have just joined this forum and I have a question for anyone who may know. I am receiving a Yaesu FTM100DR in the next couple days. I am also a scanner fan especially Railroad radio, as I am a retired railroader. All AAR frequencies are in the 160 to 161 Mhz range. Can I manually program these frequencies in this radio for receive only, of course. As I said I have not actually received the radio yet so I haven't been able to do anything. Just wondering if anyone could help me on this issue. Thank you in advance


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    According to yaesus website ( ) that is within the receive frequency range. Should be able to get those in no problem.
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    I'm a member of a railroad museum outside of San Diego, CA. At one time I was a train crew volunteer and fully rules qualified. I'm retired from that now, but I still listen to the local railroad frequencies at home. On an FTM-100DR... I also use the radio to listen to Marine VHF and local CalFire and USFS fire frequencies, all of which are outside the amateur bands. The radio will also receive Air Band AM. I listen to the towers at the local airport and the Marine Corps Air Station.

    To be able to do this, there is a setting that has to be made. When you receive the radio, look at page 140 of the manual to see how to expand the receive coverage.

    When the radio is programmed for those frequencies, if the PTT is pushed, all that shows up on the screen is the word "ERROR."

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