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    First, let me say thank you for allowing me to join this forum. I still consider myself a newbie even though I have had my license for a year and a half. I feel I have only put a scratch in all there is to know. My hope is to learn from the veterans of ham radio. Again thank you

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    Hi from UK.

    You don't mention your country or the gear you are using ect.
    I am an old ham having passed in the 90s.
    Now retired & have accumulated a few radios. They are living in their boxes until l get round to setting up a station. I have an FT450at & FT900at for the HF radios. 50w mobile for VHF/UHF. And ofcourse several hand held that all hams tend to collect.
    Will use a dipole to start with. Then if there is no raised eyebrows from the neighbours l may consider a mast.

    73 Jim

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