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    Question CW-Radio

    What kind of radio would you suggest for a beginner who only wants to use CW?

    I am also undecided whether to buy one for at home and invest into an antenna or to buy a portable one which would also be a great benefit.
    What approximate distance could I cover with a portable one in comparison with a stationed?

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    Build a QRP kit! there are lots out there - if you're not too scared of SMD, there are some really good little kits, comparable to a full-sized setup.
    I recommend a single-band (or frequency) type to start with, maybe on the 20 or 40m band. Look at the features they offer like extra filtering, you might want some of these features as you progress.

    Distance covered mostly depends on the (atmospheric) conditions, for example, a 2W station could appear more or less the same strength as a 200W station over a long distance.

    Try to get more RF energy towards your target instead of just upping the power, I mean, better antenna & feeder, something with a bit of gain in one direction, like a dipole or Yagi.
    There are times when a big Yagi is outperformed by a simple vertical, again, it depends on conditions.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 5B4AJB View Post
    Build a QRP kit! ...
    I would be interested in this at a later. time. But for now I don't know anything about technical issues and first want to get practice in cw before getting into building radios. So for my first one I would prefer a reliable one that is simple to use.

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