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Thread: Radio for music and DX?

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    I am new here. I am sitting in Germany and like to buy a radio in order to listen to the music- and speech- program from English and Spanish radio stations from America.

    Therefore I wanted to buy a radio only for receiving. I thought about the Tecsun S2000 and the Tecsun S8800e

    But I am also interested in obtaining the radio amateur licence and once in a while taking part in DX conversation. So I wonder if I could use an amateur radio also for listening to musik-programs from overseas if I connect it with my stereo equipment.

    Is this a good idea or would I loose sound quality and better buy two separate devices?

    Which radios would you recommend if I want to combine both hobbies?

    Or with other words: Can a two - way radio receiver, connected to stereo equipment produce the same sound as a broadcast radio receiver? For my understanding the receivers should be the same. But I don't know much about this technique and there might be specialized receivers... Does anybody know?
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    Almost all H.F. transceivers are general coverage, they will all tune AM broadcast frequencies.

    With hindsight, I would search for a secondhand H.F. transciever from the big 3, Icom, Kenwood or Yaesu.

    I started out with a Sony 5900 general coverage receiver, while it was adequate for music & voice, WEFAX was another scenario as the receiver had slow frequency drift.

    An amateur transceiver will have far more options built in than most shortwave receivers, useful options like IF and AF notch, better overload handling, attenuators etc.

    All receivers sound different, you have to find the kind of sound you like best, personally, I like Kenwood, some might say its a bit muddy sounding compared to others.

    See if you can find an old Kenwood R2000, they are cheap now, I had one for years and kicked myself for selling it...

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