I just got an Alinco DR-735; it's my first Alinco. Most of my other radios are Yaesu. The problem I am having is switching to a different memory channel via the microphone keypad. I have entered a number of memory channels and can switch between them with the frequency knob and the up/down buttons on the microphone, but the radio will not accept numbers from the microphone when in channel mode. If I am in frequency mode I can change frequencies via the mike keypad, but not channels in channel mode. I have combed through the manual and can't find any applicable menu settings. Even the most basic radio will generally let you do this, so I'm at a loss as to why I'm unable to do so, given that switching from channel #100 to #400 (for example) via the knob or up/down buttons would be a painful exercise.

Any help would be most appreciated.