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    Lightbulb Mapping - If you don't ask, you won't know


    Please let me start by saying that I know very little about radio. I've watched my boyfriend over the last several years here and there and worked some contacts with him but he is the HAM in our relationship. With that said, I was curious if there is a way of tracking / mapping radio waves.
    In short, he communicates with his father a few states away. I would like to generate a map showing the path of their radio waves on any given day when they communicate. Is something like that even possible ? Any insight into this would be greatly appreciated. I've tried searching online but I have concluded asking in a forum such as this would give me the clearest answers. I appreciate your time and look forward to your reply.

    Thank you !

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    Not sure whether you've looked at WSPR? It can produce results like this:

    In order to see both ends of the transmission, you'd have to use something like a WSPRlite, which is a cheap plug and play device. Other transmitters are available, but my experience is that these are easy to use. Because they transmit a small signal, I believe that most countries would require that you have a licence.

    Hope that gives some food for thought.



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