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Thread: Omni VI+ Transmit Output

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    Default Omni VI+ Transmit Output

    My Omni VI+ has been reliable for years but recently developed an intermittent output power failure. One minute it has full output power, and the next it has zero output. Any ideas where to begin checking?

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    It appears as though your P.O. is controlled via a potentiometer on that unit. The first thing I would personally try is waiting for the P.O. to drop to zero and give it a little wiggle. It is possible it is no longer making good contact and needs cleaned or replaced. That's a first step.
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    Default Well I’m embarrassed!

    It appears the jumper coax section between the Omni and the MFJ 933B auto tuner has a bad connection at the PL-259. I swapped it for a spare jumper and the power output has been fine ever since. I told my wife the bad news, “Honey, it looks like I won’t be ordering that Omni VII+ after all”.

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    Default Bad Jumper

    I noticed a change in the receive audio while moving the ATU around. I replaced the coaxial jumper between the Omni and the ATU. Full transmit power is back and hasn’t failed again.

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