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Thread: Hi from the Texas Hill Country - painfully new to ham

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    Default Hi from the Texas Hill Country - painfully new to ham

    Howdy folks,
    I just bought a Baofeng on a whim the other day and know absolutely nothing about ham radio other than I will need a license to transmit on certain bands...I don't know squat but look forward to a new challenge that I can do together with my 14 year old.
    This looked like a good spot to start seeking information..
    So far, I've figured out how to turn the little radio on a find an FM radio station. Other than that, it's a mystery.

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    Hi from UK.

    Thread a few months old, so l hope you found the information you required.

    Online ham exams are now available your side of the pond. A license to use that baofeng is not too difficult (Tech exam). Your 14yr old should also be able to sit that test. Unsure of the age limits in USA but 14yr olds can sit the exams in UK.

    May give you some drive to pass it before your kid.

    Wish you best of luck.

    73 Jim

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