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Thread: Help with TYT MD380 and UV380 - no sound

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    Default Help with TYT MD380 and UV380 - no sound

    Hello, and my apologies if that was discussed before, I am quite new to DMR world. I have two TYT radios: MD 380 and UV 380, and for some reason there is no sound. I put them on the frequency of local repeater and cannot hear anything (though there are bars that are moving, so I assume I have the signal). I then put them on the same frequency to talk to each other and again, I see the signal is coming through, but I cannot hear anything with volume at max. I spent time watching YouTube video's, but that did not help. Can anyone maybe guide me through it? I think it has something to do with programming the radios, but I cannot figure out what I am doing wrong.

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    I'm assuming you're dealing with analog frequencies and my best guess is that you have the receive PL on and the repeater does not output the tones. If you're doing digital, double check the color code.

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    I also have the UV380 and it does not provide the noise when nothing is being received -- like I expected using my IC-7000 when the squelch is turned down -- I get the hiss of no signal. It appears to have an internal part that does not present a signal to the radio unless it ia above a certain level.

    Check to be sure that the squelch is set to "0" -- that will help. Repeaters that I have connected usually put out a transmission announcing who they are every 10-30 minutes -- so set the squelch to "0" and let it sit there to see if the repeater ID comes in -- if so, the radio is working. Seeing a few bars may not be enough signal to have it beyond the internal parts that let the signal thru. I am guessing that it is done that way so that it does not just hiss at you when nothing is going on. At least that I what I have experienced with my unit.

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