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Thread: Are antenna feedlines or connectors a fire hazard?

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    Default Are antenna feedlines or connectors a fire hazard?

    Probably a dumb question, but you can't be too safe and I'd hate to look back and think 'duh' about this after an issue so... I ran a new antenna feed line from the attic through the outside of my house at outlet level. The connection just fits to inside the wall. I have it coupled to a shorter feed line to run into the ham-shack-room within the wall with a barrel connector. Inside the wall there is a fill of fiberglass insulation that is touching the line and connectors. I'm wondering if the feed line itself or the connectors ever present a fire hazard inside the walls when touching stuff? I'm pretty low power now, but will definitely be a few hundred watts eventually.


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    Default Antenna feedline

    From your post I reckon it is a 50 Ohm coaxial feed cable. If you use a cable rated for the power you are going to use (300 - 600 W ?) and have the shield connected to a good earth ground you should not have any problem. You should also make sure your antenna support is also well grounded and your house lightning rod is in good order and properly earthed. With these precautions your feedline will be pretty safe.

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    Even though feedlines can carry high voltages when transmitting, they pose no real fire hazard from normal operation. With lightning however, all bets are off.

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