Just an idea of mine... I have an SSB/AM/FM CB radio that will cover some of the 10 Meter band "28MHz" so it shouldn't be to hard to convert this radio. The radio in question is a Ham International Multi mode CB radio which I'd like to use on 4 meters "70MHz"

I think there is enough space inside the radio to house a transverter board to change 28MHz into 70MHz then all I'd need to do then is figure out how to tune the KHz steps. I can't find a frequency list of the 4 meter band so I can't give an example at this time.

Lets say I tuned the CB to channels like these "28.500 MHz FM" or "28.450 MHz FM" once they go through the transverter they'll be "70.500 MHz FM" "70.450 MHz FM" and the same concept for SSB modes and AM modes.

What do people think?