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Thread: Hytera PD785 DMR Prorgaming Issues

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    Default Hytera PD785 DMR Prorgaming Issues

    I'm really hoping somebody could help me here as I'm at the end of my tether. I bought a secondhand Hytera PD785 and I'm having issues trying to find a CPS software that can read/write to the radio.

    I have already tried the files on the Dutch site and other sites but none of the software I downloaded will read or write to the radio, when I attempt to read or write to the radio I always get an error message about radio data version not matching.

    I have looked everywhere for solutions and it appears that this is a common problem I also see on other forum sites similar questions but no solutions which is getting really frustrating.

    The radio is running firmware A3.05.10.001 which is very old.

    I'm not able to upgrade the firmware as its a step by step process which will require me to have a firmware 5 version something like V5.06.03.008 for example.

    I have hunted for firmware versions 5 everywhere but they appear to be non existent, the only firmware available are versions 7 to 8 which can't be upgraded from versions 3.

    I have contacted Hytera but they were not much help.

    Obviously there is a CPS version that will work with firmware A3.05.10.001 but I have no idea what CPS version that would be.

    Its driving me absolutely crazy.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

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    I'd appreciate any replies please, this is now causing me a lot of mental distress, 5 weeks of searching why do Hytera need thousands of CPS software versions for the same model radios.

    I need some CPS programming software that will match a radio with firmware A3.05.10.001.

    Please is there anybody willing to answer me.

    I hate Hytera.

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    The software costs 30 and is available here.

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    30 quid for software that "might" work? what a rip off.

    So I'd have to pay 30 pounds for each piece of software to see if it sorts out my radio and if not then I've got to pay another 30 pounds to download and test another piece of software.

    I'm not paying some greedy money grabbing company just to see if something works or not.

    The radio is being returned back to the seller anyway. I've had enough of it.

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