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Thread: What can I do with a 50' tower and cat5 coming into the house?

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    Default What can I do with a 50' tower and cat5 coming into the house?

    I've listened to ham radio and other hf broadcasts for a long time with my Sony ICF-SW77 and its predecessors. Also a fairly recent Uniden for public service stuff. Just moved to the Texas coast, and for a while relied on a wisp network for internet. A week after installing a 50' tower to get better reliability, fiber came to my street. The tower's only current use is to get the anemometer on my weather station to 33' (10M). The Skynet wisp used a small dish antenna with about a 150' buried run of cat5 to get into the house.

    Is there any SDR or other receiver that could be mounted out there in a waterproof housing and powered through the cat5, as the skynet antenna was, and allow me to listen in the house? What antenna choices would be good for receive? I can't use anything too large, the tower is un-guyed, 3000# of concrete in the base, one ground rod. There's a power box tied to the cat5 in the attic, which feeds to the kitchen where our router was located (since moved).

    Thanks for any suggestions.


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    Yes, a perfect home for any SDR, masthead antenna switches & pre-amplifiers...

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