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    I recently purchased a Baofeng UV-5R radio, primarily for scanning purposes. However, I'm interested in learning more about ham radio and possibly even taking the operators test.

    Since I know absolutely nothing about ham radios does anyone have any recommendations on a book(s) I can read to learn the basics from. I feel as though I need to learn everything as this is all new to me.


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    Hello SacScanner


    I would suggest several things to get you better acquainted with Ham Radio,

    1) Here is a link to W5YI
    2) If you have a Ham Radio Club in your area, make contact with one of the members and ask him to invite you to their next meeting. Almost every Ham will be more than willing to share information and help you get started.

    Good luck and 73's
    Thomas / WA5DX

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    Go and visit your local library!

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    Some book store chains carry the 'Ham Radio for Dummies' book now in its 3rd edition. They may also carry the study guide, or can order it for you, for Technician license.

    Note that some hams like to complain about the cheaper radios. I have three, they work fine.
    73, Jim/N4AAB got my Extra class license on Aug 10, 2017. Vanity call in Oct, 2014.
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    Hi from UK.

    Try "" then download for free the VHF/UHF handbook.
    Or type into Google search bar "ham radio books free download". Also enter your radio make/model into youtube search bar. Then you can watch many reviews & you will be much wiser after a few hours.

    73 Jim

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