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Thread: Verticle Antenna Ground Plane HELP

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    Default Verticle Antenna Ground Plane HELP

    I have a 48 foot vertical antenna with limited space. I know it is important to have a sufficient ground plane. Is it possible to increase the effectiveness by using 16-32 concentric (spiraling) rings to get longer ground wires?

    Thank You!

    Butch Reed

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    Default Vertical and radials

    Hello Butch,

    I know that Verticals work differently in various locations and with that said, I had a Hy-gain AV-18HT installed in a very small space and used a "serpentine" configuration. Rather than straight lengths of wire radiation out, I "zig-zag" ( like a snake crawling ) all the wires out from the base. I had a rectangle area so some wires extended out shorter than others, BUT were all the same length. Some had a really close zig-zag in the shorter distance to maintain the same length. At the time I had several beam, several wire and another smaller vertical up and the Hy-gain compared very well in most conditions to all the other antennas. I worked Tasmania on a regular basis both on 10-m and 40-m. Hope this will help.

    Have a great day,
    Thomas / WA5DX

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