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    Hi everyone. New member here, and new to amateur radio in general hailing from the garden state. I've always been the type to wrap my head around something until I figure it out, and this time its the airwaves. I am squeezing my technicians course in between some other studies but I picked up 2 Kenwoods to play with in the meantime. A handheld TH-D74A, and a mobile TM-281A. I'm looking forward to the many ah-ha moments as I get going, and plan on scanning this site regularly. Thanks.

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    Hi from UK.

    Old thread but notice nobody bothered to welcome you.

    Hope you have made some progress towards that Tech license. If not, then there has never been a better time as you can now sit it from you bedroom. You don't even need to get out of bed.
    Yes that's right, they are now doing the online exams for the Tech license.
    Will that continue beyond the lock down? I have no idea. They have also started them in UK for the Foundation license.

    I am now retired & still to get my gear out the boxes & set up a station. But l am lacking the inspiration ATM. I have 2 hf radios, VHF/UHF radios, ATU's, power supplies, dipoles ect ect ect. Also enough funds to buy any gear that l fancy.
    But lack the motivation to set up a station. If l had all that gear + that bank balance 30yrs ago l would be dancing in the rain.

    So hope to hear your voice on the airwaves when l eventually set thing up.

    73 Jim

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