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Thread: Greetings - New HAM here

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    Default Greetings - New HAM here

    Hello All,

    New HAM here and new to the forums. I have always wanted to get involved in HAM radio and never really put my mind to it. I have an electronics background so radio theory, superhet receivers, etc is a no brainer for me.

    I restore vintage receivers as a hobby and have a small electronic lab setup in my garage. So I grabbed the ARRL books and read them cover to cover over the last week and took the Tech and General tests on Thursday and passed them both - now just waiting on my license.

    I picked up a cheap BaoFeng HT and a NESDR package and have bene playing with them listening only just to see what is out there. I am in Central Florida and there seem to be many repeaters near me and a local club that I will join in October at their next meeting.

    Studying up on radio options and antenna options and leaning towards the ICOM IC-7300.

    Any recommendations on alternate radios?




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    Welcome aboard Don! The Icom 7300 is an excellent starter radio. Heck, it's nicer than what I run here in the woods.
    The web based SDR's are another resource to do your initial listening to. Just choose where in the world you want to eavesdrop and you're off.
    Good luck with the club scene, some are all that and the rest aren't. You'll see, but hope you can find a good one right off the bat.
    Enough curmudgeonry from me for now, glad you took the time to say hi here. These folks are a good bunch overall. Take care, 73. Eric

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