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Thread: Ideas on 2M Vertical

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    Default Ideas on 2M Vertical

    I ran across this 2M vertical antenna and am thinking about making one with some changes:

    I am thinking of using 1" aluminum tubing with a separator machined from either Nylon or Delrin. I would run the coax up through the lower tube then out through a hole in the separator and then attached to the elements with SS screws with the shield attached to the lower aluminum tube.

    Reckon this would work OK?


    Justin B.

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    A dipole for 2m won't give you much gain, you'll probably lose whatever signal you do get down the coax on the way to the radio.
    It might be worth a try as an experiment, but don't expect much DX with it...

    Have a look at this if you want to build a semi-decent antenna for 2m, take your time building it and it will perform well.
    However, I don't recommend mounting it outside, they are rather flimsy. On the other hand, its just wire & wood. The most expensive component is the variable capacitor trimmer...

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