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Thread: Virtical mounted on mast

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    Default Virtical mounted on mast

    Hi all, new to the site so please be gentle. I'm looking for suggestions for a multi band vertical antenna to be mounted on a mast higher than roof height?

    Many thanks all

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    How big are we talking? a 3-band VHF or 5-band HF antenna?

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    Will you be able to lower it and change coils and whip length? Or are you looking for more of a permanent fixture?

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    Hi all, thanks for your replies, I should of been a little more clear on what my requirements were.

    Right I have a 20ft mast which takes it to just below roofline, then inside I have a neumatic mast which will take it to another 28ft when extended. Then the antenna. I'm looking for a multi band HF antenna which I want permenant. I have been given a Sandpiper MV10 which is supposed to be a ground mounted antenna but apparently if fitted with radials it'll be fine. Now my question with regards to the radials is would there be any problem with the length of the radials used, ie are longer ones better or shorter?

    Many thanks again.

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