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Thread: Hello From Ellicott City MD

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    Default Hello From Ellicott City MD

    Just wanted to introduce myself.

    Ham exploration started for me a few years ago when I started looking at ways to communicate with friends and family during emergencies when mobile phone networks might be strained or down.

    I found out real quick that mobile radios might not easily fill that need but that is how I got started.

    Fast forward to 2018 got my technicians license purchased a cheap HT to reach nearby repeaters. A few weeks ago I built my own antenna and got a mobile radio setup in the basement.

    Things are getting interesting now.

    Looking forward to learning more.


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    Hi John!
    Nice to meet you, welcome to the machine. This is a good site, nice and laid back for the most part. I think it's based in the UK, but they're a great bunch of blokes if you give them a chance. Look around and check out the technical forums to help with anything you don't understand, but don't hesitate to speak up should you not find what you're looking for.

    Glad to have you aboard, have fun with radio. See you down the sheet, 73. Eric wz7u

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