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    Default Howdy from North Texas

    Hi. Went to the Tri-County Amateur Radio Club last night intending to take the Technician exam and if I passed that then I could take a stab at the General test just because I was there and there was no additional cost. I passed the Tech test and to my astonishment the General as well!

    The last time I studied for the General exam everything ran on tubes so I felt extremely lucky. I had a novice ticket in the early 70s but never took the General as I never could get above 10 wpm comfortably. After hashing over the "good old days" with the wife a few months back she suggested I take a stab at getting a license and she bought me a nice little Icom VHF rig for Fathers day.

    Just waiting for my listing to appear in the FCC database and I'll be good to go. Guess I'll start mounting the radio in my truck this week so it's ready to go.

    I've got a lot of catching up to do so I better get started reading old threads.

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    Congrats on your general license.

    I did a similar thing a year ago -- but I had the tech license (never could get past the 5wpm either then) in the late 60s so I was grandfathered in to the general class after taking the tech test. I felt, like you, that I needed to catch up what was going on, so I studied and got the extra a couple months later.

    Enjoy everything -- and I decided to get the VE certification too so I could help out. I belong to a very active and good club which is another way to expand your knowledge and what is going on with the hobby currently.

    73 -- K4CQO

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    Hi Justin!
    Good deal on the upgrade, it opens up a whole lot more spectrum right off the bat. Things have changed a bit since you were last OTA but then again lots of things have remained the same. Don't be put off by some of the antics you might hear out there, its not like those things haven't been going on all along anyway. Enjoy your privileges and get on the air as you can. Look forward to your posts and maybe even get to work you soon.

    Take care and 73, Eric wz7u

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    This will be my first time with voice! With Novice it was CW only...

    I have an Icom mobil rig and a couple POFUNG HTs to keep me busy right now but eventually will get a "vintage" HF rig of some sort.

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    I feel like I am somebody, now! My call sign popped up in the FCCs database today so I'm trying to work up the nerve to jump on a repeater and talk...

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    Just sent payment for a nice looking Yaesu FT-707 so I guess I better stick up a 40M inverted V before it gets here! Also mounted the ICOM 2300H in the truck over the weekend and put an MFJ antenna in the middle of the roof. The truck had a VHF business whip on the roof and luckily it was on an NMO mount so it was an easy swap.

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