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Thread: Connecting to a hands free kit?

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    Hi I've been using a Baofeng radio in the air while flying a paraglider for several years now but having been through three different radios I've lost faith in their products. The usable range seems to be fickle and vary from one radio to the next and after some research I decided I'd get a decent handset. I don't need anything complicated I only really need VHF so I thought Id pick up a Yaesu FT-4VE.
    Small, light, well built and supposedly more reliable than the Baofeng. However I need to have a hands free kit as I'm flying the wing and having had an accident recently due to taking my hands off the controls to fiddle with a radio this is now an absolute must.

    The connection I have on my current hands free kit ends with a plug that has two little jacks in a row, they look like a standard 3.5mm audio jack next to what at a glance looks like a 2.5mm jack, labelled MIC and SP. Is this a universal connection? These kits and ones like them online that I can find often have a long list of compatible transceivers in the product description but non list the Yaesu FT. The one hands free kit Yaesu listed in the acccesorys section in the product description page (that unfortunately is not suitable for my use) has what looks from the photos like the same plug as the Baofeng but non of these radios or accesorys ever seem to name this dual plug as a type in the descriptions, I've even downloaded the FT-4VE manual and it also glosses over this socket just labelling them as MIC and SP.

    Im stumped. I'm guessing the answer is so obvious that no one bothers to spelt it out anywhere. Do all these little hand held radios have the same two jacks so that the accessories are interchangeable or are there different sockets for different company's, subtle variations in the distance between the two jacks or other reasons you need a brand-specific kit?

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    They are more or less interchangeable, 99% compatible - the differences will be the spacing between the plugs, impedance of the insert, maybe the Voltage fed to the insert, that's pretty much all they contain.

    They're simple to build, it might be worth doing that to get the exact lead length for your application.

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    Thanks for the help. Sounds like a mabey, though from what you say I get the impression most radios have the two jacks at least and not some other connection. I'll just have to buy the radio and try it out by the sounds of it. As you sugest I can always adapt the cable and plug I guess.

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