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Thread: Hello from KN4WSC

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    Talking Hello from KN4WSC


    My name is Rick; I live in Woodstock, GA.

    I am brand new to Ham Radio, but am pretty pumped about it. I have an interest in antennas especially; my next step is to get an analyzer and/or SWR/Power meter (Hamfest coming up in Nov). Right now, I have a UV-5R with a store-bought 1/4 wave whip on one of my wife's cookie sheets.

    Looking forward to chewing the rag with y'all.

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    I've always wondered how a cavity filter would improve one of those handies, given that they overload so easily on a big antenna.
    A 70cm cavity is not beyond homebrewing, while a 2m one isn't impossible, they're just big things.

    A 70cm cavity filter would be a nice first project and would be handy for satellite mode J...

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