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Thread: Playing an audio file or remote control PTT (Yaesu FTM-100DE)

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    Default Playing an audio file or remote control PTT (Yaesu FTM-100DE)

    Hi all, I'm new here and this is my first question.

    For a festival in Gent (Belgium) I need to play an audio file on 2m band (I have a FTM-100DE)during 30 minutes. I could play the file on a speaker and hold my microphone close and push the button but this seems a bit, well, unpractical.

    Can I play a file from my computer directly or is there a way to get audio in the FTM-100DE and trigger the PTT?

    For those who wonder who I am: I'm an artist and PhD researcher at University of Ghent (Gent in Dutch) and responsible for the communication of the festival (the HAM spectrum authority BIPT approved the event). My website:

    All useful answers are welcome!
    Philippe, ON1PHD

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    You have a DATA jack on the back panel which could accept any kind of noise for transmitting.
    A computer with a serial port is easiest to hook up for PTT

    Serial PTT interface
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