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Thread: Yaesu FT-70D Memory Bank Setup and Scanning

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    Default Yaesu FT-70D Memory Bank Setup and Scanning

    Question: Memory Bank Setup and Scanning

    How do I scan from main channel list, ignoring channels that are in my assigned channel Bank 1?

    Example, I have 10 channels entered I like to scan most everyday, however I also have approx 20 channels entered (addressed) into my Bank 1 Memory.

    I can scan all 30, or I can go to Bank 1 and scan just the 20 in there.

    When I lock out these 20 "Bank 1" scan from my main 30 channel entries outside the No.1 bank with a solid arrow on display, it also stops them from scanning when in Bank 1.

    I want to be able to have main channels that are not registered in any bank numbers for scanning, then be able to switch at anytime to anyone of my many memory banks for just a scan of whats in each of

    these banks.

    How can this be accomplished? I hope that my question isn't to confusing and makes sense.
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    Try putting each group of frequencies in a separate Memory Bank, then just select the bank you want to scan. Or "no bank" if you want to scan everything. You can lock out individual memory channels within abank if there's stuff you don't want to hear.

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