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Thread: Covert Speaker/Mic for TS-480 (Secret Service type)

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    Default Covert Speaker/Mic for TS-480 (Secret Service type)

    I am setting up my TS-480 for mobile use and would like to try some sort of air tube mic as well as make the whole thing as inconspicuous as possible. There are many such devices on EBay that have the possibility of modding to work. Here is an example:

    Has anyone already gone down this path? Hints, ideas, etc ???

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    Not sure on the ear piece but I must ask.... Will the HF antenna need to be equally inconspicuous?

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    I made up a multi-connector heatshrink creation for a handheld once comprising of 3.5mm speaker jack, a 2.5mm microphone jack and a DC power jack, all spaced correctly with lots of heatshrink, covered in more heatshrink, which could be quickly plugged or unplugged into a handheld. The BNC connector was seperate.

    Under the dashboard I wired the speaker output to a (spare) centre speaker, the mic went to a socket via a switch on the dashboard.
    The socket was a quarter inch headphone type which went to a homebrew neck-slung microphone.
    The switch had an LED which was powered by a pack of heatshrinked dry batteries to show PTT at night.

    Socketing the mic is necessary if you need to get out quickly, or simply forget you're hardwired to the car.

    Got good audio reports and the speaker volume was plenty loud enough.

    I was stopped by the police on more than one occasion because they were curious what the light was.

    Changing frequency did mean you had to pull over because the display was too small to read while moving, but up or down a channel was easy enough...

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