I need to pass lmr400 into my house through a 7" wall. 1" Siding, 5 1/2' insulation, and 5/8'' wallboard. I do not want to bend the coax, so a right angle connector to a plate
on the outside of the siding. I have seen 8'' bulkhead passthroughs, female N on both ends, but have read they are to be avoided like the plague on vhf/uhf. The radio is
only 6' from the inside wall. I really would like to keep the losses as low as possible, the antenna is 100' away. Antenna is a Comet gp9, up 40'. I am tempted to just drill
a small hole through the walls, pass 8' of lmr240, and attach appropriate connectors. I am new to vhf/uhf, and lmr400, but many years of HF experience. The purpose of
all this is to provide a relay for search teams and the area communications center, and I went through hell with my HOA and city building inspector to get permission for
the antenna. So, any tips from you will be greatly appreciated. I have only purchased the antenna so far, almost everything is ready to buy, just the connector design
holding me up.
73, Dale, K7MPZ