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Thread: Kit building question (magnet wire ga)

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    Default Kit building question (magnet wire ga)

    Hi. Building my first QRP radio and almost finished- hope to test tonight. However Iím winding the final coil that calls for 14 wraps of 28 ga wire, but I just ran out and only have 30 ga.
    Will using the 30 ga wire have an adverse affect on my radio? Thanks...

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    Well, it won't have quite the same value but you may be able to tweak it with spacing the windings or adjusting the capacitance.

    Go get some more 28 guage, it will eliminate issues when final tuning...

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    a good tool to invest is is a good LRC meter on off chances when you wind a torroid or any induct-or for that manner using the correct size magnetic wire you can measure it and record the reading,
    If you have to use a different size wire you can adjust the number of winding's or the spacing to get the results you desire.
    But there are induct-or design calculators out there that will get you very close to the target you need.
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